We sure do.

We have a casually enforced ‘no dickheads’ rule. Basic decency rules apply and ultimately it’s management’s decision if you’re the right fit or not.

That said we’re super friendly and everyone gets along really well. If you’re a good person, you like to get your work done and abide by basic social conventions – you should go alright at andzenHQ 😀


Come in, stay a while, make sure you comfortable with the space, the facilities and the people. We’ll set you up with a hot desk for a day or 2 and you can sign on the dotted line once you’re convinced it’s right for you.

Look. Of course you can. But if you’re the early stage startup, “future unicorn” type. You might actually be better suited to somewhere like RCL or Fishburners.

You’re welcome to work here but there are no mentors, we don’t run an incubator and you won’t find any VCs to pitch to.